A collection of reviews and interviews for Pitchfork, The Singles Jukebox, and more.

As an audio engineer, I also mixed records for American Poetry Club, Zophia Dadlez, Cam Dasher, and Apologist.

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Arlo Parks — Collapsed in Sunbeams: There are so many names — Charlie, Caroline, Millie — that it’s hard to keep track, and there are so many references and words of affirmation that it’s hard to remember who said what to whom.

The Staves — Good Woman: Even though the record often sounds like a battle between the…

For unprecedented times, a list with precedent! (2017 list, 2018 list, 2019 list)

Taylor Swift — Folklore: You wore a cardigan all year, even when you weren’t seeing anyone, even in the shower, even to sleep. You don’t know how your crush James identifies but you definitely like them. You want a cottagecore life, which your parents know as “the thing Cameron Diaz swaps with Kate Winslet for in The Holiday.”

Fiona Apple — Fetch The Bolt Cutters: You experienced a major personality overhaul in quarantine. You bravely decided to follow the girl who stole your boyfriend in 11th grade, quietly deciding you forgave her.

Laura Marling — Song For Our Daughter: You…

A collection of reviews and interviews for Pitchfork, Billboard, The Singles Jukebox, and more.

Contact me at joshuacopperman1@gmail.com.


Brooke Bentham — Everyday Nothing: When she does get sentimental, she’s restrained, as on the unexpected late-album love song “Without,” which recalls the Jo March monologue from Greta Gerwig’s Little Women adaptation: Like Jo, Bentham asserts her love and independence while simultaneously admitting that she’s unhappy.

Margaret Glaspy — Devotion: Glaspy’s wordplay sometimes leaned on “fish in the sea”-style clichés in the past, but here the folksy turns of phrase become overwhelming. …

400+ submissions. 45 chosen. About 15 I was scared my grandparents would see — no, I didn’t include the one about snorting [REDACTED] off of a [REDACTED]. Thanks to everyone for submitting. @s refer to Twitter unless otherwise specified. Previous lists: 2019, 2018, 2017.

Lil Nas X — 7: You have streamed “Old Town Road” over 1,500 times, which is the official industry equivalent of buying the album. (@morayati)

Billie Eilish — When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go: You are or were a teenage girl who’s very emphatic that this isn’t a PHASE mom, it’s who you are!!! (Anonymous)

Owen Pallett — Heartland: You’re a closeted dungeons and dragons nerd who is most likely in another closet too (@tinymusiccritic)

Lorde — Pure Heroine: You were 13–16 when this album was released and you didn’t realize you were gay yet. (u/ImADudeDuh)

Carly Rae…

The Irishman’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame’ are both over three hours, so why not make the third entry in this series even longer than the first two?

Solange — When I Get Home: You saw things you imagined. You saw things you imagined. You saw things you im-

The National — I Am Easy To Find: You hate this album at first, but you keep coming back to it. You listen every day. Your wife sets the house on fire. You pretend not to notice. She leaves you for Alicia Vikander. You pretend not to notice. You should have held on to her more. You should have finished that essay on dad-rock.

Sharon Van Etten — Remind Me Tomorrow: Your Mom’s Night Outs are WILD.

American Football…

I was putting together this list for myself to keep track of what I liked and thought I’d share it.

In rough but not exact order, here are my top songs of the year so far!

The songs and albums I’ve reviewed will be hyperlinked. I also have a regular 2019 portfolio, if you want to check that out.

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Cellophane — FKA Twigs
I’ve seen a healthy amount of discourse — I mean that sincerely — about formerly quirky artists pivoting to Authentic, Serious Music to garner praise from rockists, often via sparse piano ballads (see…

A collection of reviews and interviews for Pitchfork, SPIN, and others, along with some excerpts. 2018 portfolio here.

Contact me at joshuacopperman1@gmail.com.


Various Artists — Tiny Changes: A Celebration of Frightened Rabbit’s ‘The Midnight Organ Fight’: The timing alone makes Tiny Changes a difficult listen, a last glimpse of when fans and musicians could celebrate Frightened Rabbit without the complication of tragedy.

Sam Fender — Hypersonic Missiles: Fender may yet live up to the praise he’s received, but the lack of focus and mostly formulaic arrangements on this record won’t get him there.

Foals — Everything Not Saved Will…

The sequel to last year’s list, now twice as long for the year that felt twice as long.

Shawn Mendes — Shawn Mendes
You used to be a “Nice Guy,” but then learned to be more vulnerable and honest with your feelings, and you actually became a nice guy. It’s a good look.

Charlie Puth — Voicenotes
You used to be a nice guy, but then had your heart broken one (1) time and became an asshole. It’s a good look.

Ariana Grande — Sweetener
You always dominate any conversation about pop music. It could be argued that you wouldn’t let ANYBODY speak and instead -

Cardi B — Invasion of Privacy
You blasted “Gasolina” from your car stereo…

A collection of reviews and articles I’ve written for SPIN, The Singles Jukebox, The Line of Best Fit, and others.

You can contact me at joshuacopperman1@gmail.com


Father John Misty — God’s Favorite Customer: A record about self-loathing where the actual remorse is absent, where its creator would insist that’s the point.”

LUMP — LUMP: The album itself is structured with dream logic: songs connected only with a droning, heavily processed flute and a bent towards the surreal.”

“Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande’s Hazy “Bed” Is Post-Post Malone Pop:” “Of the two Ariana features, ‘Dance To This’ is actually danceable…

Sidney Gish is one of the most creative songwriters to find any amount of buzz since Courtney Barnett released “Avant Gardener” at the beginning of the decade. Her style is hard to place — an obvious comparison is Frankie Cosmos, but she also seems like the natural evolution of a lineage that goes from Regina Spektor to Cosmos to anyone else who’s rooted their music in the time it was created. …

Hannah Jocelyn

Editor of The Singles Jukebox. Contributor to Pitchfork, Billboard, GRAMMY.com, and others. Writer of “What Your Favorite Album of [] Says About You.”

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